Tatsumi-ryu Hyoho (立身流兵法) is a classical Japanese martial art (koryu) that was founded in the mid-sixteenth century by Tatsumi Sankyo. The main focus of the tradition is the use of the japanese sword (katana), but Tatsumi-ryu also includes spearmanship (sojutsu) and grappling (yawara) as well as instruction in the use of the bo, hanbo, naginata, and various other weapons.

Tatsumi-ryu is based in Sakura City in Chiba, Japan. This association has existed since the 1670s when Tatsumi-ryu became an offical style (otome-ryu) of the Sakura han. Tatsumi-ryu is currently under the guidance of Kato Hiroshi, the 22nd Soke.

The aim of the Adelaide Tatsumi-ryu Kenkyukai is to correctly pass on Tatsumi-ryu Hyoho to a small group of dedicated students.